Fire Emblem: Cornwell's Ascension

A hack of Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade that follows House Cornwell and its scions. It involves a slight twist in the plot of Lycia, wherein Cornwell was standing up against Ostia's rampant corruption and was destroyed because of it. Follow Raven and Priscilla on their quest for justice and their opposition to emerging forces of darkness that threaten Elibe. For fans of the original game who want to revisit the nostalgia of The Blazing Blade with new and updated chapters plus expanded recruitment options.

Important Instructions

This is a ROM hack. The file downloaded is a patch that must be applied to a clean version of Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade ROM. I used NUPS to create the patch, and it can be used for applying a patch. For legal reasons, the ROM cannot be posted. You will also need a GBA emulator to play it.
Starting a new game- IMPORTANT: Select Hector's normal mode and no tactician. I foresee hard mode becoming available soon, but it's not ready yet.

See how things change when facing Ostia and its allies; facing off against familiar foes...

Some like-minded enemies once beyond reach may now be more amenable to joining forces...


While I made this hack myself, it would not have been possible without the work of the many titans in the Fire Emblem hacking community. I used Nightmare 2 with modules, FEditor Adv, Event Assembler, and NUPS. Programs and patches used in this hack were made/supported by Nintenlord, Arch, Hextator, and Blazer. I used a few animations made by Keks_Krebs, Super-Dude9k, and P33RL355. If anyone notices that I forgot to give someone credit, please let me know and I will add them; I apologize in advance if I forgot anyone!

Spoilers (Recruitment Instructions and Supports)

Most recruitments are the same as in the original game; however, there are some changes and additions. First, Guy must be recruited by Lucius. Erk is recruited by Priscilla; however, due to an error in the current patch, she must recruit Erk instead of talking to Raymond. Wallace can be recruited by Lyn. Linus must be recruited by Lloyd. Karel must be recruited by Lloyd, Raymond, or Lyn. Ursula may be recruited in her first chapter by speaking first to Lloyd and then with Raymond. If not, and she survives, you have another chance to recruit her if you unlock the gaiden chapter and speak to her with Raymond. Karla must be recruited by her brother after surviving combat with him.
Supports are similar to the original with some changes.
Raymond: Priscilla, Lucius, Leila, Lyn, Lloyd, Linus, and Ninian; most with special A support endings.
Priscilla: Raymond, Lucius, Erk, Linus, Lloyd, Lyn, and Ursula; most with special A support endings.
Lucius: Mostly the same, with the addition of Guy.
Leila: Raymond, Legault.
Lloyd: Linus, Nino, Raymond, Priscilla, Ninian, Legault.
Linus: Lloyd, Nino, Raymond, Priscilla.
Ursula: Priscilla, Vaida, Karla.